T1 ALERT: Diabetes is not an obstacle

On Wednesday, March 20th Sportopolis and MindSpin will unveil T1 Alert, a groundbreaking initiative to empower youth with diabetes, at Municipality Hall of Riano.

In a significant step towards revolutionizing diabetes management among young people, Sportopolis and MindSpin are set to unveil the T1 Alert project at the Municipality Hall of Riano. Co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program, this initiative promises to reshape approaches to diabetes care and support.

The launch event, scheduled for Wednesday, will be orchestrated by Ivano Maiorella, Director of Uispress. It will commence with opening remarks from Carlo Maria Longo, President of the City Council of Riano, and Nando Aruffo, Director of Sportopolis.it. The event will feature notable figures from Italy’s diabetes community, including Dr. Federico Serra and Prof. Felice Strollo, adding invaluable insights to the discussion. They are respectively Head of Technical Secretariat of the “Parliamentary Intergroup on Obesity, Diabetes and Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases” and endocrinologist and Vice-President ANIAD (Italian National Association of Diabetic Athletes).

Representatives from MindSpin, Dimitris Karagiannis and Lina Karadimou, alongside Andrea Baccetti, President of Pro Loco Riano, will also be in attendance, highlighting the collaborative efforts driving the project forward.

The T1Alert project

The T1 Alert project aims to foster collaboration between Italy and Cyprus to overcome barriers to the active participation of young people with diabetes in education, work, and sports. A cornerstone of the initiative is the creation of the “T1Alert Resource Bank,” a comprehensive European-wide database aimed at enhancing understanding, prevention, and awareness of diabetes among youth.

In this regard, MindSpin will organize a 5-day training session in Cyprus in which the database will be presented. A demonstration course will also be held at a secondary school in Nicosia. The course will equip students with practical skills such as intervention in emergency situations due to irregular blood sugar levels.

In the coming months, the projects will continue to support the database through the creation of information and promotional material, the organization of local events and webinars.

The project will conclude with the final conference on International Diabetes Day in Cyprus where the project’s outcomes will be shared..

Lamprini Papargyri, director of MindSpin, says she is “excited to announce our collaboration with Sportopolis for the T1Alert project. Together, we are committed to raising awareness of diabetes among young people, addressing this critical health issue.”

Likewise, Nando Aruffo, the director of Sportopolis.it states “We accepted without hesitation the invitation from MindSpin to participate in the T1 Alert project. Diabetes in young people is a topic that concerns us all closely, we are thrilled to share this European adventure.

The T1 Alert project signifies a proactive step towards empowering young people with diabetes, underscoring the collective determination to create a healthier and more inclusive future.

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