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Chartered journalist since 1984, I have always been involved in sports, particularly cycling. It could not have been otherwise for someone born in Paglieta (Chieti) who hosted ten arrival stages of the Tirreno-Adriatico. Winners include,among others, Roger De Vlaeminck (1977), Franco Bitossi (1978), Vittorio Algeri (1979), Moreno Argentin (1983, 1987, 1992), the Swiss Erich Mächler (1988), twice Paolo Bettini (1999, 2004), Oscar Freire (2006). I made my debut at Guerin Sportivo as editorial secretary thanks to Serena Zambon and Italo Cucci; then I spent three years as Head of Sport at Il Centro before moving to Corriere dello Sport on the eve of the 1990 World Cup. Here, I did everything: about fifteen years of cycling, I have been soccer reporter for Cagliari Calcio and I ended my career following the sports policy of CONI. I like all sports, because thanks to sport I have always had a lot of fun and I want to continue for a very long time.



Geologist by profession, sport journalist by passion. I grew up in a family where sport has always been practiced, seen and read a lot. Until I was about twenty years old I followed soccer with great interest, I also had a season ticket to the stadium. The season of great scandals made me lose interest, and that's when I start to focus more on other sports. Beginnings of Federica Pellegrini coincided with my eureka moment for swimming: watching live the World Cup in Rome 2009 is still one of my most beautiful sports memories. But there is not only swimming in my life: I generally like all Olympic sports and I also follow sports considered more niche. In the last two years I have started to follow biathlon more consistently.


Luigi (Gigi)

Disappointed by soccer, which I stopped following after the death of Gigi Meroni, I dedicated myself to mountaineering and cross-country skiing, slowly but with a steady pace, up to 4,000 m and more. Graphic designer by profession, with the same passion I was in charge for years of the chronicle on the local newspaper. Afterwards, I went up to the international press thanks to the World Youth Day, that I have followed for thirty years and thanks to which I have traveled all over the world. I have written about everything in my life, from the history of the Opinel Museum to the concept of truth in William of Ockham, why not about sport? 



I'll state it straight away: I'm not a sportswoman. However, if it is worth anything for the purposes of this adventure, as a teenager my TV myth was Donatella Scarnati and I dreamed of becoming a journalist like her! Very passionate about ancient history, my university choice fell on the study of the History of Ancient Christianity and Biblical Hebrew. During my university years in Rome, I only came across sport through cheerful forays to the Internazionali di Tennis to watch my favourite tennis player, Marcelo Rios, play, and (unsuccessful) attempts to go swimming or running to stay in shape. Yet, my teenage dream - dormant over the years - has always remained there and, despite working for many years in a communication office and specialising in social communication, I still have not realised it. Today, writing about the beauty of sport, about the courage to challenge one's limits and about lives dedicated to giving one's best seems to me to be the incredible opportunity that life offers me to test myself in a world - that of sport - that attracts me so much and to try to feel like Donatella, if only for a minute.

Sportopolis Association

The Sportopolis association was conceived from the mind of a group of sports enthusiasts. Sportopolis aims to promote sports culture as a privileged tool to support social development, cultural development and environmental sustainability.